Covent Garden Wellness Centre





Come and join us on Tuesday afternoons at the wonderfully quiet and peaceful Westminster Meeting House in Covent Garden from 3pm to 6pm. Sessions start from the 13th of March 2018, then (subject to confirmation) on Fridays for a run of ten weeks from the 13th of April to the 22nd of June from 2-5pm.

To book or for any enquiries please email us at


Ca Ra Bua


Who is it for?



Or anyone who works in or has a strong interest in wellness. If you feel like you belong then that’s enough, everyone is welcome.


What is it for?

Living in London, we know that there must be many other people with similar interests and aspirations. Often when we talk to people we find that they have the same desire for a supportive, nurturing community. However, it is not always easy to create this. These sessions aim to build a face-to-face community within the wellness world and to provide a space for you to work alongside other people facing similar challenges and rewards. We hope they will help you to find fulfilment in your working life.


What will it offer?

We will be in the library which is a beautiful room full of natural light.



There will the opportunity to:




There will be an optional 30 – 45 minute discussion session at 3.45pm and an optional 25 minute movement or meditation session at 5pm.

Teas and coffees will be available and members are welcome to bring healthy snacks to share. You’re are also welcome to bring a packed lunch or dinner to eat at any time. 

Members will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and the sessions will evolve depending on what people want.

£10 per afternoon or £5 per hour. Special introductory offer £7.50 for you first full session and further discount after that when you introduce a friend.


About Ca ra bua

Cara means friendship and bua means success in the Irish language. Ca ra bua has been set up by Tanya Fairtlough. Nutrition and wellness has always been a passion for her and she’s currently working on building a career for herself in the field. She runs a food business called The Couscous Cousins that focuses on healthy eating. She’s also training to be a Reiki healer and is going to do a 200hr yoga teacher training in the summer.  She has worked as a freelancer for years and knows some of the difficulties, namely isolation, as well as the rewards that can come from this type of work. Her main motivation in setting up Ca ra bua is to help wellness entrepreneurs and freelancers to build a sense of community in work.


To book or for any enquiries please email us at